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關於 繩盃跳繩運動學院

繩研跳繩運動學院 成立於2017年,旨在致力推動跳繩運動在本地的普及發展,同時希望加以培育有潛質的跳繩運動員,為香港培訓出新一代的跳繩精英作出貢獻。



Rope Skipping Sport Academy was established in 2017 with the aim of promoting the local development and popularization of rope skipping sports, while also striving to nurture talented rope skipping athletes and contribute to the training of a new generation of rope skipping elites in Hong Kong.

Since its establishment, RSSA has collaborated with over 100 schools or organizations in Hong Kong, providing training or teaching. The academy has had over 2000 students in the past.

Our Team

Riley Yip Wai CHing

Founder & Coaching Director



香港科技大學 - Rope Skipping Instructor

​元朗區體育會 - 元朗區總教練


2023 World Jump Rope Championships (IJRU) - 30+ Champion

7th Asian Rope Skipping Championships (FISAC) - Open Champion

6th Asian Rope Skipping Championships (FISAC) - Male Champion

4th Asian Rope Skipping Championships (FISAC) - Male Champion


中國香港跳繩總會 - 高級教練證書

國際跳繩聯合會(IJRU) - Level 2 裁判

Coach Sarah Johnson

Head Coach, Volleyball

Coach Sarah Johnson has been coaching volleyball for over a decade. She has a wealth of experience in both playing and coaching the sport. Coach Johnson is dedicated to helping her athletes develop the skills they need to excel on the court. She is passionate about sports and is committed to helping her athletes succeed.


    Bachelor's Degree in Physical Education, University of Texas, Austin
    Master's Degree in Sports Psychology, Texas A&M University


AVCA Level II Certification, CPR and First Aid Certified

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